Tribute to Ruth Nunn

Ruth Nunn passed away from congestive heart failure on the afternoon of April 30th, 2018 in a convalescent hospital with her family around her. She would have been 82 on May 11th. Her service dog Stella was able to spend time with her before she passed.

Ruth is survived by sons Mitch and Ramsey, 2 daughter-in-laws, 2 granddaughters, and a sister. Mitch will be keeping Stella.

Ruth was a strong contributor to the dog obedience community of southern California being active in the Southern California Dog Obedience Council and in three clubs including CHAOS and Lomita Obedience Training Club, and our very own Southwest Obedience Club.

We will all miss her very much.  Please find attached a profile of Ruth that was published in Paw Prints recently.

Ruth Nunn


SWOC’s First AKC Scent Work Trial

Southwest Obedience Club is holding its first AKC Scent Work Trial June 16, 2018 at Arthur Johnson Park in Gardena, the site of our upcoming Obedience trial on April 22.

Scent work is the newest AKC sport. It’s a wonderful activity for all dogs, and especially for our older companions. All dogs can play! And, scent work is easy to learn!

SWOC Scentwork Trial Premium

You can download the AKC rules for scent work trials here